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Supporting a Charity 

Each year, the STEP Private Client Awards supports a charitable organisation. Instead of charging an entry fee, we ask entrants to make a donation to our chosen charity. The charity is given the opportunity to talk about their work at the awards ceremony and in STEP’s communications both pre and post the Awards.

Previous charity partners include
Feed the Minds
, the International Senior Lawyers Project
, Operation Smile and the World Literacy Foundation.

We are now looking for our next charity partner to support and welcome recommendations. The partnership is for three years and, over the term, we hope to raise around GBP200,000 for the charity.

The following criteria will be used in charity partner selection and ongoing review.

  1. To be aligned with STEP’s goals and ethos

We always strive to ensure that the charity that we support is aligned with STEP's goals and ethos. These include promoting education and helping families plan ahead. STEP strives to ensure that the charity we support is aligned with our goals and ethos. These include promoting education and helping families plan ahead. This year, in line with our thought leadership focus on mental capacity, we would be particularly keen to partner with a charity involved in issues associated with this area. For example, charities that work to protect and assist the vulnerable, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, or charities focusing on conditions that impact mental capacity.

  1. To be effective as a charitable organisation

The charity should be able to demonstrate that STEP’s donation is having a significant and measurable impact. Significant means that either a large number of people are being helped or that the impact on a smaller group is life-changing.

  1. To be international

STEP is a worldwide professional association and the Awards are open to entrants globally. It is therefore important that our charity partner’s output spans multiple jurisdictions.

  1. To be efficient and reliable to work with

The charity partner should expect to have an excellent working relationship with STEP staff and board members and be able to provide STEP with the relevant materials and information in a timely fashion.

The charity will be reviewed every three years

The charity partner will be reviewed every three years (unless the charity fails to meet the criteria in an intervening period). This continuity means that STEP will be able to contribute a significant amount and ensure that the industry is given ample opportunity to understand and support the charity.

To nominate a charity please email your nomination and reason why you wish to nominate this charity to [email protected] by Monday 21st November.