Family Business Advisory Practice of the Year

About the Award

The Family Business Advisory Practice of the Year award recognises a practice (which could be a sole practitioner, a discrete family business advisory practice within a firm, lawyers, accountants or a dedicated family advisory firm) that specialises in navigating the complex issues that arise in family businesses. Submissions should focus on advice regarding the competing dynamics between family and business and their governance, rather than simply on advising businesses that happen to be run by families.

Your entry should include the percentage of the firm’s total work that this area of work represents. You should only enter if your organisation focusses significantly and in depth on this area of work; if it does not, your entry will be unlikely to succeed.

Award Criteria

Focusing on the year 1 May 2020–23 April 2021 only, address all of the following five criteria: they are equally weighted. 

  1. Provide examples of the development of knowledge and practice beyond the core disciplines, relevant to the specialist issues arising in the context of family businesses and related families.
  2. Provide details of relevant key cases (no more than three) handled over the relevant period, and how the business and family benefitted.
  3. Provide specific examples of the approach taken to gain the respect, understanding and trust of clients.
  4. Highlight the practice’s range of competencies and knowledge in the family business context; e.g. qualifications from academic institutions, service on professional body committees, papers written, lectures given etc.
  5. Demonstrate support for continued professional development and education in this specialised field.