Alzheimer's Disease International


Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) and the 2023 STEP Private Client Awards collaborate to amplify the global voice for people living with dementia worldwide. Together, we strive to ensure global access to top-quality care and aim to combat one of the most pressing health crises of the 21st century.

As the international federation of Alzheimer and dementia associations worldwide, ADI focuses on elevating dementia awareness, advocating for it as a public health priority, and encourages investments and innovation into research. Despite increased awareness in higher-income countries, low- and middle-income nations still face significant challenges with limited understanding and stigma surrounding the condition.

With your generous support we raised an incredible £58,735.04 which enabled ADI to deliver three key initiatives: their flagship awareness campaign World Alzheimer’s Month, host an Alzheimer University and support the development of National Dementia Plans (NDPs) through ADI’s What’s Your Plan campaign. From us all, thank you.

World Alzheimer’s Month

Funds raised through The STEP Private Client Awards played a pivotal role in raising worldwide awareness for dementia risk reduction, a vital initiative in the absence of a widely accessible treatment. The impact of your contributions is immense and allowed ADI to provide 18 bursaries for members to create their own campaign materials, print materials and host and promote events in their country.

ADI produced a comprehensive range of campaign materials including posters, toolkits, social media banners and infographics which were shared globally with their members, empowering them to launch their own impactful campaigns.

The 2023 campaign was their most successful to date, surpassing previous records with a combined reach of over 75 million on social media and mentions in more than 1,300 independent publications, highlighting the extraordinary impact of STEP's crucial contribution.

‘Thank you for the World Alzheimer’s Month talks. My grandmother and dad both had Alzheimer's disease. My siblings and I are scared that the same thing will happen to us, but having heard about the list of the 12 modifiable risk factors for dementia and that if I take them into account they could delay or prevent cases, it did me a lot of good because I understood that there are many things that depend on me and I am already putting them into practice’. Carer, Argentina

‘Thanks to the campaigns, conferences and materials that you gave us at Asociación Grupo Ermita and your publications, I have learned how to take care of my mom...’. Carer, Guatemala

‘Never Too Early Never Too Late has impacted my life a lot. My dad was diagnosed but before his diagnosis when we saw changes in them, we always said it is normal. I am grateful for this campaign because it helps us family members who are going through the Alzheimer's process...’ Carer, Guatemala

World Alzheimer's Month Bonaire event









Barbados celebrate WAM










Alzheimer Universities

Your support enabled ADI to deliver an Alzheimer University, welcoming 5 associations from Botswana, Grenada, St Lucia, Serbia, and St Vincent and the Grenadines. The sessions covered essential topics such as effective association management, governance, social media, public policy, and volunteer engagement. Participants felt ‘enlightened’ and ‘humbled’ by the experience and left the meeting well equipped to proceed with their association and support even more people living with dementia in the countries where they operate.

‘The university is so amazing, it provides all the support any organisation needs. It literally handholds the organisations to be able to succeed.”

‘It was very enlightening and educational. This was just the right thing at the right time’.

Alzheimer's Universities

Drive National Dementia Plans (NDPs) through What’s Your Plan

NDPs offer the best strategic planning tool, emphasising the importance of diagnosis, post-diagnostic support and public health campaigns. They are crucial in order to combat stigma, encourage training with healthcare professionals, measuring and tracking prevalence and incidence and prepare for a pharmaceutical breakthrough. 

Thanks to the contributions from STEP members, ADI were able to drive progress through their campaign ‘What’s Your Plan’. ADI conducted an advocacy workshop in Thessaloniki, Greece, attended by representatives from 13 countries. This workshop focused on sharing best practices in advocating with governments for the development of a National Dementia Plan.

Additionally, ADI held a What’s Your Plan campaign in the Caribbean region which saw 13 associations participating, resulting in three commitments to develop a National Dementia Plan and generating significant media coverage, including 12 TV appearances, 3 radio interviews and 68 news articles.

WYP Workshop

Your contributions have been instrumental in promoting education, driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy in the dementia community, thank you.

Here's to a promising 2024 where together, we will continue to invest in our members and help us to reach even more people living with dementia worldwide.