Vulnerable Client Advisory Practice of the Year 2024

About the Award

The Vulnerable Client Advisory Practice of the Year award recognises a legal or accountancy practitioner or team that specialises in navigating the complex issues that confront vulnerable clients and their families. The entry should include the percentage of the total work that this area of work represents. Please see the FAQs for the definition of a vulnerable client. 

Award Criteria

Focusing on the year 14 April 202312 April 2024 only, address all of the following five criteria: they are equally weighted.

  1. Demonstrate the development of knowledge and practice beyond the core disciplines in a way appropriate to the special issues arising when dealing with particular challenges presented by vulnerable clients, for example, elderly clients and their families. (240 words)
  2. Provide specific examples of key cases (no more than three) that exemplify those handled over the relevant period, including matters that cover the range of legislative, welfare, financial and practice issues surrounding the care and advice provided to vulnerable people. (240 words)
  3. Provide specific examples of the type of approach taken to gain the respect and trust of clients. (240 words)
  4. Highlight the practice’s or practitioner’s range of competencies and knowledge in the vulnerable client context and their support for/commitment to continued professional development. (240 words)
  5. Demonstrate the practice’s commitment to the promotion and upholding of high professional and ethical standards. (240 words)