Philanthropy Team of the Year 2024

About the Award

Philanthropy Team of the Year applies to a team that provides strategic advice to donors on philanthropic giving and structures. This award is open to philanthropy teams within a law firm, accountancy firm, bank, trust company, multi-family office or a dedicated/specialist advisory firm.  

Award Criteria

Focusing on the year 14 April 2023–12 April 2024 only, address all of the following five criteria: they are equally weighted.

  1. Outline the scope of philanthropy services offered and demonstrate how the team differentiates its offering and tailors its philanthropy service for clients. (240 words)
  2. Give specific examples of how the team demonstrates a high level of professionalism to its clients and describe how the philanthropy practice functions alongside other services that the firm offers. (240 words)
  3. Give examples of innovation that differentiate your firm from the competition. (240 words)
  4. Outline the team’s technical expertise and support for continuing professional development and developing junior team members. (240 words)
  5. Demonstrate the team’s commitment to the promotion and upholding of high professional and ethical standards. (240 words)