Digital Assets Practice of the Year 2024

About the Award

The Digital Assets Practice of the Year award recognises a practice (which could be a sole practitioner, a discrete advisory practice within a firm, an initiative within a firm or a dedicated advisory firm/team) or individual that focuses on navigating the complex issues that confront families regarding digital assets/their digital estate.

The judges are looking for solid examples of comprehensive digital-asset custodian services, and/or excellence in innovation and development of digital assets advice for clients. They are wanting to see evidence of how the knowledge, skills and advice you provided clients was accurate, relevant, timely and valuable, enabling the client to protect and manage the use and access of their digital assets.

Award Criteria

Focusing on the year 14 April 2023–12 April 2024 only, address all of the following five criteria: they are equally weighted.

  1. Demonstrate excellence in client service in relation to their digital assets. (240 words)
  2. Provide specific examples of key cases (no more than three) that exemplify those handled over the relevant period and how the client benefitted. (240 words)
  3. Provide examples of innovation, infrastructure and/or adoption, use of, or development of, technology used to assist the business or your clients in relation to digital assets. (240 words)
  4. Demonstrate how the practice contributed to the advancement of digital assets best practice. (240 word
  5. Demonstrate how the practice champions development of skills and knowledge in the digital assets context. (240 words)